Executive Summary

ArtStation connects artists from all over the world and gives them a venue to show off their images, videos, and 3D models. With an Alexa.com ranking of 2,531 in the US and several million visitors every month, ArtStation began to draw the attention of hackers, who found several vulnerabilities in artstation.com and attempted to extract a large ransom

Software Secured gives us confidence, knowing that a team of security experts has our back so that we can focus on signing up outstanding artists. Leonard Teo

CEO, ArtStation


Here’s what Software Secured did to help ArtStation get a grip on the situation:

  • Identified all the existing vulnerabilities in the application.
  • Advised ArtStation on a strategy to neutralize the risk posed by the hackers.
  • Provided a solution to continuously test the development team deliverables for security issues.



The Challenges for ArtStation

The ArtStation software development team members are coding experts. However, they aren’t experienced at finding vulnerabilities in their applications and the underlying networks, which left them open to data breaches and cyberattacks.

They also weren’t able to properly assess the potential impact that these vulnerabilities could have on their business from a financial and reputational standpoint. The ArtStation team was taking proactive steps to find a partner who could help integrate security into the software development lifecycle while they focused on improving the bottom line. Unfortunately, before ArtStation could bring in a security expert, the company received a ransom demand.

The attackers required payment in exchange for information about a few artstation.com security flaws that they had uncovered. To make matters worse, ArtStation received the demand ArtStation during the Christmas break, when most of the developers where on holidays. ArtStation wanted to get out of the situation with minimal or no damage and put the necessary processes in place to keep it from happening again.

The Solution from Software Secured

Software Secured helped ArtStation neutralize the threat from the hackers and avoid any blow to its reputation, and the developers were able to enjoy the rest of their holiday. Afterward, Software Secured performed a full high-assurance security assessment to uncover all the existing vulnerabilities in the application, thus preventing the hackers from making any other ransom demands. Based on the baseline assessment results.

Through Software Secured’s managed web application security, which provides continuous security testing for new functionality, ArtStation management now has the peace of mind that the software team’s deliverables are constantly and automatically checked for security issues. This small startup is relieve to have one less thing to worry about