How it Works

How we help keep you secure

Step 1

Contact us to set up a 30-minute consultation to get basic information about your application.

Step 2

Your application is intelligently tested using several security assessment techniques.

Step 3

Your team receive monthly reports with vetted security bugs ranked by priority.


We start every engagement by understanding the application’s threat signature which is formulated by business function, architecture, attack surface, and vulnerability patterns. This threat signature is used to test every application differently. As new functionality is developed, the application’s threat signature changes. Intelligent security allows your developers to fix the security bugs that have the greatest risk of being exploited by attackers.


Unique Hands-on Testing

Our approach to security testing starts with expert security engineers who adapt our tools to your particular application, interpret the results and manually continue testing where the tools leave off. Our engineers also customize the remediation steps for your application and provide support to your development staff until the security bugs are fixed.


Continuous Testing

Your application is always evolving; more code is added every day. We continuously test your application against new security flaws and ensure that previously discovered flaws are properly remediated. We use our experience and our own tools as well as commercial tools to test and hack your application in the same ways that attackers will when the application goes live in production.

Live Support

Your developers will have security questions. Should I encrypt this piece of data? Which encryption algorithm is best? Is this input validation filter adequate? Do I need to implement two-factor authentication for the admin pages? Should I use oAuth or SAML? Stack_Overflow is great, but a dedicated security team is even better. We help your developers answer these questions and guide them toward the best libraries and frameworks, which saves your team the guesswork.

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